We are back

Hello, we are back.

It’s been a while since there has been any updates and as you can see the website has changed somewhat.  The old design wasn’t “Responsive” so it couldn’t be viewed on Tablets and Phones very well. This new one is and works great on your mobile device.

The layout “Trenton” still hasn’t got off the ground, there are many reasons behind this, such as:

  • Buying new house
  • My unplanned heart surgery & pacemaker (I’m only 46)
  • Losing my job
  • Boy1 having stomach surgery  (2 years old)
  • Boy2 having 1/2 of his left kidney removed  (9 months old)

All this happened within 7 months….  so the layout has been the last thing on my mind.

I have started a new Diorama though. This time it’s based around an urban canal somewhere in the midlands in the 1970s.  Dirty, rundown, the kind of place you don’t want to go after dark.


So watch out for the updates here.

If anyone is wondering what happened to my other Diorama build, I will upload some of the old photos to this new website.

See you soon