Urban Diorama Build – Part 4

Wow… two updates in 1 month.  2 hours on the Diorama this weekend.

It was 101F outside in the garage (38c) but I was determined to do something.

I just bought a few kits from modelrailwayscenery.com they look great, go and check out their range. Hopefully you will see these start to spring up on the Diorama soon.


Low Relief Factory – Image Courtesy of modelrailwayscenery.com


Low Relief Office Block – Image Courtesy of modelrailwayscenery.com


6′ Wall – Image Courtesy of modelrailwayscenery.com

Old Workshop – Image Courtesy of modelrailwayscenery.com


OK, back to the Diorama build….

I decided to ditch the heavy wood base that I had started on and I am now using a piece of foam board.   It’s much lighter obviously.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking at grimy urban rail scenes and other peoples dioramas, there are some great examples out there. This one is going to be split level with the tracks in a cutting and the street scene above.

The picture below shows the size of the whole Diorama, the foam board you see upright will be the retaining wall.


This next picture shows the foam board now wrapped with 3 sheets of Scalescenes Aged Red Brick paper. I use the tacky spray glue (acid free) for this. I find it much easier to work with than glue sticks. The mini roller is a real helper for getting the edges flat.


Here you can see the wall temporarily in place with Metcalfe signal box and LMS coach for scale.


A close up of the cutting wall below. Obviously the joins will be hidden by the brick support columns.


This next pic shows the planned road bridge. These are the plate girder bridge sides from Peco that I picked up in Gee Dee model shop in Nottingham when I was back in England this April. I plan to use the Salt Weathering method to give a good rusty finish.

I’m enjoying working with the foam board, it’s so quick to shape and stick. I’m using cheap latex caulk for the adhesive. It sets like rock and is instantly held in place thanks to it’s gooeyness. There is going to be a back scene on the left and the long back wall of the Diorama. I may do one on the right side yet, depends on how the lighting looks when I’m taking photos.


This final pic just shows the size of the whole Diorama. The Scalescenes free warehouse is one I built about 3 years ago, the roof seems to have blown off.

Note all the Red and Blue  boxes sitting in the storage bins in the garage. One day they will run, one day…


Where on earth does the time go. What you are seeing took me 2 hours. I suppose I lost some time with pulling out all the stuff I needed and then putting it all away again.

3 car garage and I still don’t have any space. Ridiculous.

Hopefully I can grab another couple of hours soon, thanks for watching.