Urban Diorama Build – Part 3

First post of 2014.  I’ve been able to grab a couple of hours here and there continuing on the buildings, I think the shortest modelling time was 3 minutes while walking past the bench, I glued some struts to hold the roof up… I have to grab the opportunity where I can.

Trenton is now on Facebook. So if that’s your thing, you can find us and “Like” us here… https://www.facebook.com/buildingtrenton

I’ve been working on the corner pub and and the terraced houses. Update pictures below:

I bought some of those 100 for $4.99 Chinese figures from eBay. A bit small for external use but fine for placing inside buildings.


I knocked up a “bar” with cash till. Need to get some pumps and other stuff on the top.



…and when it’s put together, it looks like this.

I added some balsa wood strips to the plate glass window to break it up a bit and made 3 benches that go around the walls.





…with dirty VW van parked on the pavement outside.


I also started on the Scalescenes Terraced Houses (TO22)…  these aren’t glued together yet.



I boarded up the windows on one the houses with rectangles of balsa wood shaved down to plywood thickness and given a dirty grey wash.


…with dodgy van parked outside again…



I love how disgusting that van looks…

So that’s about it. Work and young family been taking up my time as usual.  I went back to England for a week in April, it was great to see my family and I didn’t see the sun once in 8 days until the last day I went back down to Heathrow. (typical) but had a fair number of curries and trips to the pub.  Which I think is what most expats miss most.

Picture of countryside heading to my parents village in Nottinghamshire.


Makes me smile every time I drive on these roads now.

Thanks for checking in.