Urban Diorama Build – Part 2

Unbelievable…  I’ve actually managed to do a bit of modelling.  I had a spare 2 hours today so rather than do the 100 other jobs that needed doing around the house I opened the box with my Scalescenes stuff in.

Just before I finished work for the Christmas break I printed off a copy of the TO23 Small Corner Shops.  I have a colour Laser printer to myself in my office so I gave it a workout. One of the most tedious things I find with the Scalescenes kits is the sticking of the printed items to the card. So I thought I would have a go at those full page self adhesive labels.
It certainly made sticking the paper easier, but of course Laser printer ink isn’t really ink, it has a sort of plastic sheen to it and I found a couple of times it cracked when I was manipulating it.  Nothing that a bit of weathering cant hide, but I suppose it could be a showstopper in some places.

The new diorama is going to be lit so I took the advice of many on the forums and bought some of those surface mount LEDs from China. I got 300 for $4.99 and that included shipping. ?!?!?!?!?  Not sure how they can make any profit from that..
…anyway as yet I’ve had no letter from US Customs asking for a duty payment, so $4.99 it is.

I also took the advice of people who said go for the orange colour ones if you want to simulate tungsten bulbs. The white is too clinical.

On to the pictures, apologies in advance for the quality, they were taken with my iPhone in fading light in the Garage, but you get the idea. All pics can be clicked on to show bigger and downloaded if you wish.

You can see from this first picture the crack in the laser “ink” to the right above the doorway, like I say, nothing that cant be fixed but if it had been an inch long I may be printing another one out. (a good thing about Scalescenes)

As you can see the model isn’t finished but I wanted to capture some pics of the build. The orange LEDs give a nice glow.


This next pic shows my efforts at creating some dimension within the room. I knocked up a couch, table and cabinet from Balsa wood coloured with black permanent marker. I looks like that black flatpack furniture favoured by MFI  Are they still around in the UK??

I’m going to go for some shelves and a telly next.


I’m always amazed at what the camera picks up… in this next pic you can see how badly I cut out the “pictures”, I didn’t hang them straight and the cabinet has no features or relief. It’s also clear I’m going to have to stick one of those bookcase images to some card or balsa to give some depth too.


This image shows the ground floor of the shops.  The LEDs can be cut into segments of 3 as they have their own resistor. You can see I have 2 of the LEDs illuminating the ground floor and one in the flat above separated by the floor. If I find it’s too bright with the 2 downstairs I will just cover one up with electrical tape.  Another thing I like about these LEDs is the self adhesive backing, makes it quick and simple to place


OK, time for a couple of peeping Tom/nosy neighbour shots taken through the window.
Again you can see the lack of relief these images show up, I will definitely be messing around with the balsa wood again.


Let’s take a look through the square window…


So there you go, my first bit of modelling for months. I recommend trying the SMD LEDs if you haven’t already, very cheap and very quick to install.

I will post again with the efforts of my interior design and when I’ve progressed a bit more on the model. I just hope it isn’t another 4 months before I can touch it again.

Edit. January 12, 2014

I managed to grab another hour this week so I did a little more on the corner shop. The next 5 pics show where I have added the shop fronts and the signs, also the front door complete with boarded up section. Don’t forget, this Diorama is going to be the sort of place where you don’t want to be.

There are a lot of things I need to tidy up and of course put the roof on and some furniture inside.

The completed model will also get some weathering with chalks and maybe even a dirty wash.


Scalescenes Corner Shop Buildingtrenton.com

Scalescenes Corner Shop Buildingtrenton.com

Scalescenes Corner Shop Buildingtrenton.com

Scalescenes Corner Shop Buildingtrenton.com

Thanks for reading.