Trenton – The Layout

Trenton  a “Modern Image” British N Scale (1:160) layout based on a fictional town somewhere in the East Midlands of the UK. For my non-British readers, the East Midlands covers an area of England as shown here:


…and much more information can be found here.

Why the East Midlands?  Well it was an area I grew up in, worked, played and all sort of other things that I wont write about here.

The river Trent flows through a good part of the East Mids, so Trenton sounded a good a name as any.  (obviously not to be confused with the real town of Trenton in New Jersey, USA.)

A lot of the towns in the East Mids are (or were) industrial. So it gave a lot of scope for factories, sidings etc. As the layout will be “Modern Image” the motive power will be diesels, DMUs, HSTs etc. and the rolling stock coal, aggregates, containers etc.  I chose Kato for the track, I know it’s wildly unrealistic but I have had some good results with weathering and making it look less toy like.

If you are into counting rivets on your models, this place may not be for you, but this wont be some thrown together piece of junk, I will try my best for it to look authentic.  I would say my modelling skills are a smidge above beginner, so I will be learning as I go.

I did come up with a track plan, but that will probably be ignored as the dimensions have changed.

When Trenton finally gets off the ground, or to be more precise, out of the wall of boxes stacked in my garage, there will be a blow by blow account of the build. As that may not happen for several months, I suggest having a look at my current Diorama build which is ongoing here.

Thanks for having a look, keep checking back here on the Diorama build and one day you will be surprised to see I have built the framework for Trenton.


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