General Update – October 2014


Looks like summer is starting to wind up here in California, mind you it was still 100F (38C) here last weekend, which makes my garage about 110F.

My garage is where my workbench is, no chance of bringing all the stuff inside into the air conditioning, I have two boys, aged 2 & 4.  So you can imagine how that turns out when I have tried.

It’s the complete reverse of when I lived in the UK, then I would be freezing my parts off standing in the cold garage.

Anyway, hopefully as the heat starts to reduce I can actually spend some time in the garage. I think I’m just going to have to come to terms with the fact I’m limited in what I can do right now on modelling with my job, young family and furnace heat in the workshop.

My Garrett finally arrived from Hattons in the UK.

I took a quick pic, I’m sure there are now hundreds of pictures and videos of these new models all over the Internet now.  I chose the “Heavily Weathered” version. Quite disappointed in the level of weathering, these things would have been caked in dirt and grime considering what they did. It looks way too clean for me.

One day I will have to do it myself. Another thing to the always growing ‘To Do” pile.

I Have One

Although we’ve only been in the house for 2.5 years, we may be moving again.  I knew there was a reason why the railway stuff didn’t progress very far, there was always a niggling doubt that this would happen.

So more fun with all that entails in the new year.

Thanks for reading…