Countryside Diorama

Back in 2012 I couldn’t begin any work on the actual Trenton layout. So I thought I would have a go at a small Diorama.

I had never done any actual modelling before, my past experience with all this was when I was 10.  So I would describe myself as an enthusiastic amateur.

Armed with the Internet and some great forums I began my foray into British N Gauge.

Don’t forget, I’m a British expat here in California. So there may be some use of British and US words/phrases interchanged. Where I remember I will try and correlate.

The original blog of this build was lost when my old website got updated, what you are reading here is a very much condensed version. The original build took about 9 months due to day job, new baby etc etc.

OK, let’s go….

First off I needed supplies.

Down at the local Hobby Lobby (Lobby is probably the most misrepresented word here, it’s about the size of a large DIY superstore, a lobby to me is something about 6×6 ft)…  I bought some supplies, the first thing being a sheet of 3x2ft foamcore board about 5mm thick.

There you go, I’m already mixing my measurements… mind you I always do that. I measure small things in cm/mm and big things in feet. Always have…

Anyway, I glued some packing foam that I had lying around to the board and started building it up into an embankment shape with extra cutoff pieces.

Moving on I used cut up strips of cardboard to create a hillside shape and then overlaid with plaster cloth.

*Top Tip for US readers. Buy the plaster cloth from Hobby Lobby, it’s about $2.00 a roll cheaper and is exactly the same as the Woodland Scenics stuff

Once the plaster cloth had dried, I got out the poster paints (also 99c each from Hobby Lobby) and painted the hills and the foam a green colour. Very bright and gaudy but it was all going to be covered with static grass and flock material. I just didn’t want any white bits showing through.

Next came my first ever attempt at laying static grass. I didn’t want to dump $90 on the handheld electric device. (Which I am sure is very good, so I tried the Noch puffer bottle method.

Mixed feelings about that….  What do you think?  Maybe it was my static grass. I was using the Woodland Scenics stuff.

I did about 3 layers of this spread over a few days with drying in between.

Laying track

Foam underlay




Lineside boxes

Comms tower

Substation and fencing

Rolling stock





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