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I am British ex-pat originally from Nottingham, England and now living in Huntington Beach, California.


Huntington Beach Pier

I was introduced to model railways like most boys by my father and grandfather, but this was no more than a small oval of track on the carpet with a Hornby (Dublo) loco running round.

I always wanted to build a layout but then when the teenage years came around I was far more interested in motorbikes, girls and trying to look cool.
It wasn’t until the last few years that everything came together such as time, disposable income and space. (2013 edit – since I now have 2 boys aged 3 and 18 months, all concept of time has disappeared)

Anyway, my dream of building a layout it still there, I have built a couple of Dioramas recently to test out my beginners modeling skills and you can find the details of that here.

This website will detail the build of Trenton (painfully slow at times), thanks for looking and you can always signup for the Building Trenton newsletter which will advise you of when something happens. (don’t worry, you wont be receiving a ton of spam or junk emails)


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