General Update – September 2013

Well Summer is nearly over, so hopefully the temp in my garage will drop down to a level that I can actually stand in for more than 5 minutes.

It’s been over 95F and pushing up to 106F for several weeks now. That makes the garage 120F +


I’m going to look into insulating the garage doors. There is a double and a single door and they face south east so they get the sun for several hours.

Maybe I will invest in a portable AC unit next year.

Talking of AC we have 2 AC units for the house, one each for up and down.

On the hottest 106F day the downstairs unit decided to stop working. Great timing, mind you it’s probably exhausted, it’s been running its arse off the last few months.

Anyway, back to things trains related. No movement on Trenton, still no space in the garage…. and too hot for any work on the Diorama.

So bugger all then…

Big Boy
One piece of news. The Union Pacific “Big Boy” I went to look at in January this year in the museum in Pomona has been selected as the one that UP are going to rebuild and make into a working loco.

I shall be watching that with interest and will be definitely there on the day they move it.

They are going to have to lay about a mile of track to get it to a siding that connects to the mainline.

Not a small project.

Thanks for checking in, hopefully some train action on the next post.